The Renew Portfolio

Wasatch BioLabs (WBL) is an independent biotechnology company with an innovative approach to diagnostics. The WBL team is transforming diagnostic testing and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in biotechnology. Offering world class laboratory services, testing, and results, WBL is driven by a core mission–to completely change the way medical diagnostics are performed.

Resonant is a wholly owned subsidiary of Renew which owns the intellectual property to a ground breaking blood test that can accurately monitor neuronal derived DNA in the blood. This DNA that comes from dying neurons is directly correlated with the progression of neurodegenerative disease in patients and can be identified years before symptoms appear. For the first time ever, therapeutic companies can provide patients with drugs early enough to stop these diseases altogether. Resonant has completed the test for Alzheimer’s disease and is actively working to complete a full blood to monitor for Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s, ALS, MS,Huntington’s Disease, and TBI.

NanoHyb is a subsidiary of Renew which holds the intellectual property to a breakthrough targeted sequencing application that allows for high accuracy, depth, and coverage at an unlimited number of loci. This technology is being used to reinvent the way sequencing assays are done and has allowed numerous entities to create robust gene panels for a fraction of the cost.

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