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From IP to Impact

Going from a discovery in a lab to impacting clinical care is difficult. Or at least it used to be...
Real Partners.

At Renew, we have seasoned biotech professionals who bring their expertise to every step of launching a biotech company, ensuring comprehensive guidance and support.

Real People.

At Renew, our passionate team of individuals is committed to making a real difference in people's lives and leaving a lasting impact on the world through innovative biotechnological advancements.

Real Funding.

With substantial financial backing, Renew provides the necessary resources to fuel your company's journey from research and development to marketing and successful product launch.

Real Resources.

As a member of Renew, you gain access to a wealth of valuable resources, empowering you with the tools and infrastructure needed to thrive in the biotech industry.

Partner | Develop | Scale

Get the expertise you need, and the ownership you deserve.



We first meet with you to understand whether your technology is the right fit for Renew. If it is, we sign an agreement that outlines terms and conditions of our partnership.



Whether it's regulation, legal, R&D, or business development, our team will help you launch the next big thing in biotech.



We then help you commercialize and scale so we can bring your idea to the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am not interested in running a company, but have incredible technology?
Is there a limit to the non-monetary resources I receive from Renew?
What are the deliverables I get out of a partnership with Renew?
Do I need an actual company to become a partner?

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If you have an innovation that can change the world, we want to help it do just that.

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